Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Slovenia-Kopel
192 Euro max 4 people
48 Euro 5/8 people ( price per person)
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Koper is a city in southwestern Slovenia, it’s only 21 km away from Trieste (Italy), and it’s the major port of Slovenia.

The city is full of buildings in Venetian style, proof of centuries of domination under the Republic of Venice. In ancient times it was just an island separated from the mainland by swamps, until when, in the middle of 19th century, it was connected to the coast with enormous reclamation jobs.

The old town center of Koper was almost completely renovated, with new initiatives to give back glory to the antique artworks. In the last 30 years the city had a remarkable port and industrial development, being forced to sacrifice the originality of its landscape, expanding on the mainland with residential neighborhoods.

Very typical of the town center of Koper is the Cevljarska Ulica , a road that connects the marina to the elegant Pretorian Palace.

Besides its beauty left by artists from Venice, this has, since always, been the most commercial road with shops and boutiques.


Koper is an amazing historical town. On the walking tour through the old city the local guide will present you the historical part of the city. First you will visit the Regional
Museum of Koper. Next stop will be the Tito’s Square where the Pretorian Palace and the Cathedral are located. After that you will continue through the Muda Gate and
alongside the promenade to the Carpaccio Square, named after the Venetian painter born in Koper. At the end you will stop in the souvenir shop with the wine store,
where you can take time to taste typical wines, olive oil and cheese as well.

Price Includes: Entrance Fees (Museum, Pretorian Palace, Bell Tower), Guide, Tasting, Basic Accident Insurance.