Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Malta-Valletta
Price: 50 Euro
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This city is the capital of Malta, surrounded by perfectly conserved walls dating back to the 6th century. The streets of this city were carefully designed in order to channel inwards the fresh breeze coming from the harbor. It is a throbbing and vibrant city, in ferment, which represents the commercial and administrative heart of the archipelago. 



Have you ever dreamed of floating weightless amongst an array of rainbow fish and coral formations ? Grab your chance at this introductory diving course in the bays of Malta ! Guests will be driven to the scenic Reef Bay at St. Julian’s where a trained diving instructor will teach you the necessary precautions and basic skills of this exciting adventure sport. All that is left is to put on your mask and fins and then dive deep down into the beautiful reefs. Experience the thrill of breathing underwater. Grab the opportunity to explore more of Malta’s unique bays from under the sea.