Duration: 8 Hours
Location: Marocco-Tangier
Price: PRIVATE TOUR (price per person)
200 Euro 1/2 people
110 Euro 3/4 people
62 Euro 5/8 people
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Tangier is the meeting point between the Old continent and Africa, located on the northern point of Marocco, only 16 km away from the shores of Spain, it’s exposed on the Mediterranean Sea with a stunning view of the Strait of Gibraltar on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Its port is the biggest of the country and is in rapid growth.

Tangier is one of the most ancient cities of North Africa, with a history of more than 2500 years ruled, during centuries, by Byzantine, Arab, Roman and Phoenician conquerors.

You can admire many things of this city, it’s like going back in time yet staying in modern time: from the streets of  Medina to Kasbah, where the Sultan’s Palace is located, (today a museum), Caffè Hafa fascinating for its cliff-side position, the view is breath-taking.

Tangier has always been loved by artists from around the world, among these Paul Bowles and William Burroughs, who would hang out at the Hafa Cafè; things have changed but the atmosphere it’s still the same, Tangier is for sure the place that resembles the fascinating location evoked in the movie “Casablanca”.


Meet your guide at Tangier pier to start your Chaouen shore excursion.
Chaouen or Chefchaouen is a Berber towns located in the middle of the Rif Mountains.
famous for its white and blue houses and the Arab Andulusian traditions and influence inherited from one generation to an other.
After crossing the Rif Mountains with some spectacular views, You will arrive at the town of Chaouen. Visit the lime washed white streets and the local markets animated by the local people dressed in festive colorful clothes.
Ras Elma Springs is a mineral water source that Chaouen is known for, and it is really worth a visit.
Lunch today will be served at one of the cosy riads roof top terrace restaurants overlooking the hills of the Rif Mountains and the surrounding planes.
Depending on your cruise ship call time, we will drive back to Tangier in the afternoon.
Your Chaouen shore trip ends late in the afternoon in Tangier port.