Duration: 8 Hours
Location: France-Cannes
610 Euro max 8 people
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Its name evokes the glamour of the Croisette, the spectacular boulevard where the festival and congress building rises, place where,every year,takes place one of the most important Film Festival in the world.
Placed in a privileged location, on the blue coast, it’s approximately 31 km away from Nice, 48 km from Monaco, and 57 km from Italian territory.

Originally a modest fishermen’s village, it became famous when, in the 19th century, Lord Henry Brougham, English minister of justice, made of Cannes his abode, drawing curiosity of other members of the English aristocracy, who chose to live here during the harsh winters in Britain.
Lord Brougham was able to receive loans by the French government, so to renovate the port of Cannes and built “Quai Saint Pierre”, today’s oldest part of the port.

In 1879 with the arrival in Cannes of the zarine Alexandrovna and the many receptions by her organized to which many important personalities would attend, made of this city one of the most appreciated touristic location in the world.

Cannes conceals many attractions, it’s a city that needs to be discovered walking, only this way you can admire every little aspect of it.


Beyond the Riviera private tour is a journey into the countryside of the Côte d’Azur – French Riviera, far from the flashy coastline.

The private tour can start with the discovery of Grasse where you will be able to visit the perfume factory and its museum free of charge. Grasse is considered the world’s perfume capital. In fact, the Côte d’Azur – French Riviera region with its favorable climate, strong flower industry and presence of many local perfume factories, contributed to Grasse’s worldwide reputation in the perfume industry. Grasse attracted again attention from the general public with the release of the movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” in 2006 based on the book “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind.

The private tour continues with the visit of Gourdon, an Eagle’s nest village overlooking the Gorges du Loup valley. The view is breathtaking, and Gourdon can be an ideal place for a quick lunch. We continue our private tour to Tourrettes-sur-Loup and have a walk into this beautiful medieval fortified village, perched on a narrow spur of land extending from very rocky hills.

With our private tour, we will take you to the medieval village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, one of the most beautiful villages in France, home of many artists, like Marc Chagall, Picasso, Renoir and Matisse and others who used to stay and look for inspiration in Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Côte d’Azur – French Riviera. Walk through this stunning village and admire the famous art galleries of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Sit down for a drink in one of its cafés or visit the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a true museum in nature, with modern and contemporary art in all its forms (by Chagall, Giacometti, Léger, Miró and many other artists).

It’s easy for everyone, but Gourdon and Saint-Paul-de-Vence require some walking. For those who can’t walk much, they can stay with the driver-guide or chill-out in a nearby café.

Meet, greet and drop-off in the cruise port.
Respect of the cruise schedule
Private tour in a newer minivan (limited to 8 passengers);Family friendly: baby and booster seats available.
Bottles of water provided.
Free time at each destination.
Visit of the Côte d’Azur – French Riviera’s inland: Grasse, Gourdon, Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
Free guided tour of the perfume factory in Grasse.